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Jeff Buckley is the tear that hangs inside our souls forever.

Jeff Buckley performs for WTUL Radio.August 1994 / New Orleans, LA

Jeff Buckley performs for WTUL Radio.
August 1994 / New Orleans, LA

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A lot of our shows just seem like huge, pleasurable, messy kissing sessions, where you’re so filled with passion that every move you make on the body… sends it into pleasure.
— Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley photographed by Bertrand Brosrédon for Le Front de Libération du Rock, Belfort, July 1995.

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264 Plays
Jeff Buckley
234 Plays
Jeff Buckley
Morning Theft

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The BBC are running a poll on the best cover songs, including Jeff's Hallelujah. Just google "BBC greatest covers"

Awesome! Thank you for the information.

360 Plays
Jeff Buckley
Hallelujah (Live)

Jeff Buckley performs live at Roskilde Festival.
June 30, 1995 / Roskilde, Denmark

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